Professional Speaking

Aviyah A. Forrest has a wealth of information and expertise to share with audience members regarding relationships. Aviyah A. Forrest new book is fictional, while being entrenched with real life experiences. Aviyah A. Forrest has experienced tumultuous and dangerous dating experiences, in addition to dating the right men of character and sound mind. Aviyah A. Forrest would love to speak to your audience regarding how to identify the right man to engage with, in addition to experiencing optimal levels of fulfillment in romantic relationships.

Speaker Programs:

1. Mr. Right vs. Mr. Wrong: Aviyah A. Forrest shares her varied experiences with audience members in regards to identifying the right type of man to consider building a strong and lasting union with, in addition to identifying the type of man who represents an unfavorable future. Developing an instinct to pay attention to what you see will serve audience members by allowing them to consistently place themselves in fulfilling positions.

2. Now What?: When a relationship ends or life suddenly culminates an elongated chapter, the need to heal and move on in a healthy matter exists. Having experienced many spectrums of new beginnings, Aviyah A. Forrest has developed the knowledge to effectively show audience members how to find the beauty in life’s reversals of fortune, and emerge better and victorious.

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