New Book - So She Walked Away


Aviyah A. Forrest’s “…So She Walked Away” is an engaging and riveting fictional masterpiece. A young woman, in the throes of divorce, turns to a dating app to gain traction in the new dating game that is now her reality. She unexpectedly meets the unequivocally perfect man, who is the antithesis to her soon-to-be ex-husband. She is completely overwhelmed and ends up making a decision that leads her down a dark path of torment and abuse from which the path to escape is narrow at best. This superiorly written work shows the importance of paying attention to what you see, and staring at the truth that stares at you. The value and power of your choices will be further embraced by all readers with every turn of the page. Author Aviyah A. Forrest, through her gift of writing, and immaculate framing, makes it impossible to put …So She Walked Away down. Let it be your new addiction.

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